Now that you have been tested for COVID-19 at one of our testing sites,  we want to ensure you receive your results as quickly and easily as possible. As a reminder, Antigen testing and PCR results are available by the end of the day.

Results may come in outside of normal operating hours. 

For PCR testing, please plan testing with time to accommodate your needs. Patients should check with their airline and review travel requirements prior to testing, as test results delivery timeframe may vary in times of high demand.

Please monitor the email you provided to our staff during your testing registration, as access to your patient portal will be sent straight to your inbox.

If you do not receive an email within 4 hours of testing, please contact us to confirm your email has been entered correctly. 

Setting Up Your Patient Portal

You will be receiving an email titled Lab Testing Near Me Patient Portal from our Charm system. This email includes a registration link that will direct on setting up your account and login information.

Please note, each patient will need to provide a separate email in order to receive their results to their individual portal. Parents and Patient Representatives will need to provide a separate email for additional patients receiving tests. 

From there, each patient will be asked to verify their Date of Birth and generate a password for their portal login. Once complete, Charm will have you confirm your email and then you are good to go!

View Your Results

Once you have verified your email, just follow the simple steps below and you will have your results in no time.

Please call or email us at if you have not received your set up link or information to ensure your email was entered correctly.

Login To Charm

Once registration is complete, login to your Patient Portal through the link provided in your email or by visiting our Charm Portal Login

View Your Labs

Once you have logged in, you will see a Labs icon on your dashboard home screen. Please click on this icon to see your results.

Download Your Results

Once you are viewing your Labs screen, click on the testing time you wish to review your results for and you will be able to view and download your results.